Cafe Royal

Pompadour Suite
Thursday 25 September 2014
From 12.30pm till late.

Weird and Gilly were here

In 1973, Bowie chose the Café Royal to host the legendary Last Supper, when he announced the retirement of Ziggy Stardust in the company of many of the greatest rock stars of the time, including Mick Jagger, Lou Reed and erm, Bill Oddie.

It was partly because of it's part in this iconic moment in music history that we chose the Café Royal for our First Supper. That and the fact that the whole building has recently undergone a major restoration, being brought back to its full magnificent glory.

Indeed, the Louis XVI-style splendour of the Pompadour suite, where the First Supper takes place, would win the approval of any early '70s glamster, with it's mirrored panels, ornate gilding and ceiling paintings of scenes of love.

We look forward to seeing you there.